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Laboratory Specialist
professional children
specialist dermatology
Specialist ear, nose and throat
Drivers Premium
  ::     ::     ::   Specialist and Specialist Leather   ::   Physiotherapist   ::   Specialist and ear nose and throat   ::   General practitioner   ::   Required to immediately work in Saudi Arabia Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology
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about us


Mecca el mokrama company for recruitment and services ( License43 )  is one of the oldest and largest recruitment companies in the region .mecca has more than 19 years of exprience in recruitment and services .mecca is located in 13 mostafa el nahas st ,nasr city at the confluence of transportation routes and in the commercial district are available all the services and near government agencies and the headquarters of Arab and foreign companies and the company is a pioneer in the field of employment and have the reputation and fame in the Arab region since its inception the company has gained good experience over these years. In order to keep the company at this level of quality and efficiency they are working hard and professionally to reach the objectives in line with the progress and development in Digital Technology and is based on international norms and standards in the provision of time, effort and cost in the selection of the required professional staff. And, following the successes and achievements of the company comes the fruit of those successes, the wise management style and modern of the company in conjunction with its long-term


our mission:

To help business organizations achieve their shareholders’ objectives, attract and retain talents, leverage their core competencies, develop sustainable competitive advantages, and contribute to their economies.

our vision:

To be the prime, respected source of business expertise for organizations in the MENA region seeking to realize the full potential of their resources and markets

Passion for excellence:

Excellence is a lasting passion is not confined to any extent, for us the completion of any milestone we achieve is to find the same and any challenge we face is an opportunity to extend an additional step forward and excel.

Truthfulness and honesty in everything we do:

The secretariat should be at the heart of the transaction or relationship between two parties. Trust help build business relationships in a transparent and stable and is the foundation stone upon which the major companies and leading institutions. We are always keen to show honesty and truthfulness in all our dealings with customers.


The company is a mecca for the employment of Egyptians abroad sought from the outset to form a solid foundation of pole position to achieve its objectives and success in this seamlessly.

According to studies the company's founding they have been planning to form an integrated network of information, both for companies and institutions who are seeking the best talent to work with them and that we can provide services to them or people who are looking for decent jobs through literal distinct.

The company has great potential consists of rooms equipped with advanced computer to do interviews and rooms equipped for the work of the examinations for proffer of functions.

This is in addition to the best human elements, which are qualified to provide professional service through advanced technological support and follow up closely the latest developments both at the local or international level.

As a result, the company owning the latest technology, the company will allow the work of the interviews via the Internet (to save time and effort to employers outside the country)


The company seeks a mecca for the employment of Egyptians abroad in order to provide a range of services, in addition to employment services and employment company cooperates with its sister companies to provide local employment through the search for the best functional elements (through pre-defined specifications and competencies required) to make available to customers who apply by making their wishes .

The company first job classification to be manned in accordance with the conditions and specifications required, and is identifying people who meet the required conditions, whether through the database available and open to the company or through personal research to reach these competencies

Then a company specialized committees and organize personal interviews (either through a representative of the student employment or committees of the company alone) and to determine the best and most viable candidates for various functions, for all disciplines.

mecca elmokrama acts as intermediate between Job seekers & Employers to find our candidates best suitable opportunity that would fit with your current qualifications

Our goals:

Company Mecca for Egyptian workers abroad was established in order to reach a professional company to provide you high quality service in addition to:

-1 Find the best career opportunities for its customers at the bodies and institutions.

-2 select the best items to fill the vacant posts at the bodies and institutions searching for different competencies.

-3  the establishment of good relations to create a healthy environment through cooperation with companies operating in the same area.

-4 expansion in the field of employment to provide the best services, both at the horizontal level to cover the largest area of ​​those searching for a qualified or at the vertical level to increase the size of the database of skills searching for employment opportunities through the work of the search for markets and access to all relevant parties

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